Spotlight: Media Politics

While there was a frenzy of activity in London surrounding the International Communications Association (ICA) conference at the end of June, we have just been informed that elsewhere other important conferences were also taking place. Just one of these where Goldsmiths’ Media Department academics were making a contribution was the Necs (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies) conference in Prague (20-22nd June). The theme of the conference was Media Politics/Political Media. Three days of fascinating and passionate presentations took place in the fantastic surroundings of one of Europe’s oldest universities, Charles University.

The conference kicked off in temperatures of around the 36 degrees centigrade mark, but participants were able to cope with the conditions. Among Goldsmiths Department of Media and Communications contributors were Dr Pasi Väliaho who presented a paper entitled ‘Aby Warburg and the Politics of the Cut’. Dr Gareth Stanton was another staff member presenting a paper at the conference. He spoke about aspects of Bangladeshi cinema and the current political crisis in that country. Among the keynote speakers was Georgina Born, Professor of Music and Anthropology at the University of Oxford. She will be remembered by many from the days when she was also a member of the Goldsmiths’ Media and Communications Department.

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