Iluminace: Bridging the Gaps

Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference and Theorizing Screenwriting Practice Workshop, Brno, 22–25 November 2012.

Back in 2011, the inaugural Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference (SIECE) was driven by the need to complement textual analysis with examinations of the institutional contexts that shape the production and content of films. "is was a particularly important step for
a region in which such studies have been quite rare. In its second year, the conference expanded in size and included a workshop entitled Theorizing Screenwriting Practice. Whereas the conference was intended to foster debate among screen studies scholars, the workshop was intended to encourage mutually bene!cial exchanges between academics and creative practitioners.

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Hlavní koordinátor:
Petr Szczepanik:

Koordinátor projektu + koordinátor pro shadowing v produkčních společnostech (stáže):
Marek Loskot: